Hicat® Overview

Why Hicat®

For cats climbing is both instinctive & intrinsic part of there physiology - we believe in giving indoor cats the opportunity to climb. It is a fundamental part of their well being, like walking your dog.

Climbing comes naturally to cats & should be part of their daily exercise routine - it keeps them active & in good shape plus helps burn off any surplus energy whilst playing.

Hicat® cat climbers satisfy this instinct to climb so if you're not lucky enough to live in an environment that has opportunities for exercise & climbing, a Hicat® is a superb substitute for a cat's natural habitat. 

Our designs are centred around indoor cat climbing structures that are safe, simple & that maximise vertical surface area whilst remaining compact in terms of footprint - they provide a unique all limbs climbing experience, as opposed to just back limb jumping from perch to perch, that's focused around energetic play, secluded relaxation & providing lots of entertainment for both you & your cat.

Environmental Behaviour

The scale of our units, surface area & tree-like climbing experience are exercise related aspects of our Hicat® design but cat behaviourists will also tell you how important vertical territory is, especially in a multi-cat household - having perching, sleeping & playing opportunities at different levels not only broadens your cat's environment vertically but also fulfils its important & often overlooked territorial needs.

Our designs include units that have access holes & perches offering built-in cat-friendly multi-levels & can be set up next to furniture & room features to exploit untapped vertical territory helping to maximise your cat's indoor landscape & give it a whole new world to explore.

Value For Money

We believe our products are unique when it comes to climbing & given the materials & workmanship that go in to them we also think they are excellent value for money considering their size & that they are made-to-measure.

Other cat furniture & trees simply don't offer the climbing opportunities that our products have built in to them - with 5-6m² of climbable surface area our standard height floor-to-ceiling tube is unmatched when compared to other cat furniture products on the market.

About Our Products

Hicat® products are made-to-order & available in a variety of floor-to-ceiling posts & tubes plus free-standing podiums to give your cat an indoor climbing experience like no other. We wrap our climbers in coir carpet, which has a looped weave so that your cat is sure footed & confident when climbing - the internal shelves & surfaces are finished in a luxurious twist pile carpet to give your cat a soft & cosy space to curl up.

Because our products are made to order you can customise your Hicat® with an array of options including shelf & access holes, spy holes, & finishes plus there is a co-ordinated range of accessories including cushions & interactive toys.

Our floor-to-ceiling designs are made-to-measure so will integrate into your home seamlessly & bespoke wall mounted units & freestanding versions are available to order along with bespoke finishes, features & options & one-of-a-kind units as well.